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MindBeauty has it all! Looking for a quick way to book massage, yoga, spa and more in Hong Kong?

Look no further – We offer application to find and manage all your bookings in Hong Kong.

Find the best beauty & wellness professionals in Hong Kong, service menu, shop images

and get the exclusive offers from your facial treatment,  hair salon, spa, beauty parlor, yoga, personal training and gym nearby.

How It Works


professionals near you


select service, time and pay


spa, massage,

nail & hair services

The only Beauty & Wellness Booking App You Need

  • Simple, reliable payment gateway via Credit Card, Apply pay, Google pay, Paypal etc

  • Beauty spas and salons are carefully selected by MindBeauty Team

  • Booking up to a month in advance

  • Enjoy MindBeauty gift card and exclusive offers for great saving

  • Review and referral program allowing you to gain extra booking credits

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