Relationships take loads of effort and adaptability. Like flying a kite, sometimes you need to let it loose while sometime you just need to pull it tight!

If saying I love you to each other in the eye is your daily routine and it isn’t quite enough to satisfy your need, may be a bit more of physical touch is what you need to really connect with your significant other! Here are some of my tips for that extra touch you need.


Rub Those Knots

A good old massage always does the magic. Rub sensual oils on the tired shoulders of your loved one. Add some sexy tunes and romantic candles. Putting the evening in an intiate direction. One thing lead to another, I can assure you it wont be a gentle touch after all…


Sex Talk

Come on we all do it! But whats even better is that you start during the day over the phone while you are apart, telling things that you would like to do to each other… I am not talking about taking the trash out and doing the laundry! Get him excited but nowhere to release! Its even better when you guys are meeting somewhere else than home after work, all he can do is to fantasise, hyping up the excitement for the bedroom fun.


Slow Fore Play

When you are in a relationship, its quite common we just jump right into sex. But do you remember when making out lasted forever! Slow it down and let the gentle touch and smooth kisses take place to build up the romantic sensation.


Not In Bedroom

Although sex is great on the bed and quite frankly it’s still the most comfortable option, it can sometimes be exciting to leave the bedroom! Kitchen working top, shower, and staircase if you have one at home, anything goes! And, I’m not the one to suggest you to go out in public… But that is also an option for that extra rush!