Bikini season is almost here, and who do not want to walk down the beach with a beautiful bikini and show off your body to all your friends while sipping cocktails by the beach.

Whether you are driven by self-hate or self-love, you want to be toned and feeling fabulous! And Nutrisa is here to help! Having that perfect tum isn’t rocket science, you basically need two things: well-trained muscles and no fat! Make it more effective by having a very straight and clean diet and what’s left to do is focusing on the muscle building. Here are my most important yet simple exercises for dat toned tum! Its time to put your lulu lemon on and do these exercises that will give you the tummy you (and all the men) always dreamed of!Lead Tummy .jpeg

Sit Ups

I think we all have been forced to perform this classic exercise in school! But it’s important to have the right technique so your muscles actually are getting exercised! Sit up 2.jpegLie on your back with your hand beneath your ears or crossed over your chest, and your feet, hip wide apart. Lift your upper body by tensing the core muscles. Don’t use your hips! It’s called sit ups but that does not mean that you are actually meant to sit up, you just crunch your body and your lower back does not lose touch with the ground. Do it in a steady speed with control.

Leg RaiseLeg raise.jpeg

This might look like an easy move, but after you have done a few you will feel the burn! Lie flat on your back with your legs straight. With this exercise it’s important to focus on your lower back keep touch with the ground all the time! It’s harder than it sounds, but don’t give up! Then your muscle wont get that pump! Lift your legs straight up so they are 90 degrees from the floor, lower them slowly, until they almost touch the ground, lift them up again. You can keep your hands under your lower back to remind yourself to push down.


This is the perfect end of your workout! Just give everything you have left and squeeze the last energy out from that sexpack that soon will be developed! Put your elbows in the ground beneath your shoulders, hold your hands apart! Make sure that your back is straight and you don’t arch your back! If you are not used to this exercise. Start to do it on your knees and get up on your toes after a few times. When you feel ready. Put on a timer! Who can do this for one minute?

Extra tips: 

Don’t forget the sides! This exercise burns like crazy and will leave your body like a 3D goddess. A well exercises tummy has several benefits, apart from being irresistible when you walk down the beach it also helps to prevent back pain and gives you extra stability in your upper body. No more sore shoulders and broken back!