I totally believe in love, but also in fashion. Wedding is the ultimate fusion of these two essences of life!

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After all isn’t the dress half the reason why we marry at all? Wedding dresses come in a big variety and whether you want to be a classic Disney princess or a minimalist fashionista, the perfect dress is waiting out there! Here are five dresses I LOVE!

Transparent with belle sleeves

The time when the bride was a virgin is fortunately long gone, so why not show some skin? Keep your dignity by letting the dress cover your hole body, and just let the audience scent your beautiful legs through this thin, veil-like dress by Francesca Miranda.

Disney Princess

Your wedding day is the time of your life when it’s impossible to over dress. You can’t go to far, so release those dreams that little girl dreamed so many years ago. Shine bright like a diamond in this larger than life dress by Marchesa!


Your dress does not have to be covered in layers of lace and meters of tulle catch gazes. Take a minimalist approach and let the strong shapes of this dress by Alyne by Rita Vinieris do the talking. The simplicity makes sure you don’t disappear in all the fluffiness.


How cute can a bride be? There is no limit if you ask Carolina Herrera! Some girly bows will add extra femininity to your gorgeous appearance and leave the beholders in awe!

Lace and Glitter

Have you spent a whole life being a drama queen, the wedding day should be no exception! Go over the top with this amazing creation by Galia Lahav. The cape, the pearls, the cleavage! None of the guests will ever forget how you slowly proceeded to the altar.

Next article will be about how to find a man that can match your dress. love is forever!