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Waxnmore Waxing

Waxnmore Waxing

Waxnmore Waxing

Do you dread getting a wax? Either from the pain or discomfort, a wax is never something we look forward to. That’s why we’re happy to share with you Waxnmore! Not only do you feel totally comfortable, but as well as their hair removal services, they also provide facials as a great way to treat yourself after getting that dreaded wax.


Waxnmore’s cleanly and welcoming waxing studio is a professional yet affordable option very conveniently tucked away in Lan Kwai Fong. The well-lit and sterile rooms draped in airy curtains are a serene and private escape from the busy streets outside. The rooms are thoroughly sanitized before each appointment, to make sure each guest receives the most hygienic, professional, and pleasant experience.


Waxnmore boasts a large menu of hair removal options for every single part of the body to ensure that you look and feel flawless, and to suit every individual’s specific needs and every occasion. The team’s specialization in hair removal makes them masterful in the skill, with popular picks range from professional face threading, Brazilian waxes and leg hair removal, while more specific options such as cheek, back of hand, and full arm treatments are available as well. All treatments are done efficiently and pain-free, and leave you with glowing, supple skin for days to come. Other services offered which will leave you looking like a star include rejuvenating facials, eyelash perms, and brow grooming – Waxmore’s friendly, educated and practiced aestheticians understand the value of a thorough waxing or threading job, are very well versed in the art of hair removal.


The Waxnmore team pays close attention to comfort yet efficiency and is very knowledgeable about how a quick, clean wax should be, making it easy for you to just lay down and let them do their work, and trust that you are in skilled hands. Aestheticians prioritize on quick yet quality services which will have you in and out of the studio fast, feeling pampered and with phenomenal results. Of all the waxing studios in this city, Waxnmore is one of Hong Kong’s most affordable for the quality of service offered.


Not only do they provide stellar hair removal treatments, their facials and brow services are the cherry on top and a great way to reward yourself after the pain of a wax!


The high standards paired with commitment to safe practices at Waxnmore will ensure that each customer’s visit feels safe, efficient, and virtually painless. Book an appointment for Waxnmore with the MindBeauty App today and receive our daily discounts as well as $75 off your first booking!



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