Stand Erect Over 30 Years in Hong Kong’s Beauty Industry – Founder of Spa Beaute Par Zai, Nigar Qureshi

Spa Beaute Par Zai, a haven for all health and beauty solutions. Located in the heart of Central, opened in 1975 and it has became one of the oldest day spas in Hong Kong. It provides a wide range of services such as facial, massage, waxing, makeup, manicure, pedicure, etc and provides a private dressing room for the guests. Spa Beaute Par Zai also provides a high standard of quality service, therefore it has won a high reputation in Hong Kong. Spa Beaute Par Zai uses French, English and American beauty products, also with the latest and most high tech equipments from around the globe. Read on to discover the story behind Spa Beaute Par Zai. In a short interview with Mindbeauty, the founder of Spa Beaute Par Zai, Zai Nigar Qureshi explains what inspired her to set up “Spa Beaute Par Zai”, how it all started and what are her plans for the future.

Zai Nigar Qureshi – Founder of Spa Beaute Par Zai

Zai Nigar Qureshi, who is married with two children, one a banker the other a lawyer. The French founder holds a bachelor’s degree in Science, furthering postgraduate studies in the field of anatomy and physiology from International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC) and British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTEC). She is also an award-winning aesthetician, skin-care specialist, cosmetologist and make-up artist sought after by celebrities and international beauty pageants.

Interview with Zai Nigar Qureshi – Founder of Spa Beaute Par Zai

MindBeauty: What are the main factors to keep a successful beauty business in your point of view?

Nigar Qureshi: Always innovating by having added to use of quality products by using state of the art machines delivered by qualified therapists.

MindBeauty: What makes you to keep on the passion for working in the beauty industry as some would say it is rather competitive?

Nigar Qureshi: I believe passion is always greater than competition and it is this passion which allows you to be an achiever in the most competitive of environments.

MindBeauty: What have triggered you to set up this company in the beginning?

Nigar Qureshi: My mentor, an established name in the beauty industry supported me to make a name for myself hence I set up the Company to follow my passion.

MindBeauty: Please use three words to best represent your shop.

Nigar Qureshi: Experience, Innovation and Qualified therapists.

MindBeauty: What makes your shop special?

Nigar Qureshi: In this competitive business to make a name for yourself for over 30 years is a testament to the business being special and recognised. We have through our years of business offered quality products, qualified therapists and state of the art machines.

MindBeauty: What is the wow factor for you to perceive in this beauty industry?

Nigar Qureshi: Unprecedented growth in the desire for people to look good and healthy. This gives our industry a lot of challenges and potential to grow.

MindBeauty: Any particular reasons to choose specific cosmetic brands for your company?

Nigar Qureshi: SPA BPZ uses organic cosmetic and skin care products under the brand name NQ organics. These products are good for all skin types with no side effects.

MindBeauty: Any motto that you live by?

Nigar Qureshi: Honesty and hard work always pay off.

MindBeauty: Any memorable things that you would like to share?

Nigar Qureshi: We have many happy memorable incidences one of them where guest came suffering from severe depression and we were were able to help her by giving her our signature treatment “oxyessential”. This helped her a lot to feel more relaxed and manage her life. Another guest was successfully diagnosed as having heart condition while doing reflexology which allowed her to consult her physician to get required care. Third guest had severe acne problem and felt more comfortable staying at home rather than being in public. She came for treatment late in the day with her face fully covered. Our combination treatments and home care products did wonderfully cure her of her skin issues and giving her, her lost confidence to be regained and she is willing to interact with people now. There are many incidences like above but I have highlighted a few as above.

MindBeauty: What are the biggest lessons that you have learnt in doing the beauty business so far?

Nigar Qureshi: You should never neglect any aspect of the business and must be devoted to it 24/7.

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Contact Details

  • Facial, Massage, Waxing, Makeup, Manicure, Pedicure

  • 12/F Sea Bird House,
    22-28 Wyndham Street,
    Central, Hong Kong

  • Mon – Sat: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm

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