Webp.net-resizeimageVictoria Medical Beauty has always been a professional salon and spa providing professional and quality beauty services. Our professional slimming or beauticians are tailor-made for all customers, we provide personal follow-up to ensure that each customer will receive the highest quality beauty treatment.

With their eight – and expanding – salon branches spread all over Hong Kong, wherever you are, Victoria Medical Beauty is there to cater for your needs. Offering everything beauty-related from waxing, massage, facial, to mani-pedi, Victoria Medical Beauty is your one stop solution to a perfect pampering session.

As you step into their beautiful salon, you are instantly greeted with their soothing and calming atmosphere. The dim lighting, mellow music, and distinct aromatherapy scent are enough to make you feel serene and relaxed. Meanwhile, their friendly staff will welcome you at the door and will be more than happy to serve you refreshments while you wait for your incredible session ahead. With their impeccable service and affordable price, no doubt Victoria Medical Beauty is going to continue to spread their wings all across Hong Kong.

Their renowned Aromatherapy Hot Stone Massage combines the benefits from hot stone and aromatherapy. As the heat from the smooth, flat stones touches certain pressure points on your body, you will feel your muscle loosen up and relax. The heat would penetrate deeply, allowing the therapist to access deeper muscle layers for a more thorough massage, a perfect solution for those who suffers from back pains or muscle aches. The heat from hot stones helps calm your nervous system and expands blood vessels. This improves the blood circulation and promotes the release of toxins from within the body. In the meantime, the aromatherapy used could help reduces stress and anxiety, as well as improves your mood.

In addition to their Hot Stone Massage, Victoria Medical Beauty is also famous for their Radio-Frequency Firming Treatment. As its name suggests, the treatment utilizes radio frequency to contract collagen in the deep dermis and sub-dermal layers of skin, thus tightening the skin tissue.

Another treatment you can’t miss is their Cryo Relieving Facial Treatment that uses low temperature to minimize scars, decrease inflammation, increase cell rejuvenation, even out skin tone and reduce signs of aging.

With their unique take on everything they do, Victoria Medical Beauty offer an experience like no other. Incorporating the latest technological development to creating the best beauty treatments, their services are second to none. With the combination of cutting-edge technology and competent staff provided by Victoria Medical Beauty, it is hard to find any other salon in Hong Kong up to their level.

A discount is offered by them for those who are new to the party. That, in addition with the discounts provided by Bloom Me, gives you no excuse to not give yourself a well-deserved treat.


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Featured Treatments

  • Aqua Peel + Deep Hydration Treatment
  • Acupuncture Point Massage
  • Valmont Discovery Facial


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