When we talk about Kwun Tong, what first comes to one’s mind probably are the versatile malls around, such as APM, Mega box, Domain, Amoy Plaza and Telford Plaza. Everything from a good number of the restaurants of diversified cusisine to all style of boutiques. You name it, they have it. Wouldn’t be a challenge when you are talking about enjoying these delights, while keeping your body figure in shape for the beautiful outfit ? A good firming and slimming Spa like Spa Lafayette can be the solution.

While changing its nature from an industrial conrete jungle, Kwun Tong has gogerously turned itself into A-Class Businesss zone. Rather than you are just immersed into its tense pace of the business atmosphere, why not spend an hour or two for relaxation in a closeby SPA? Spa Lafayette is just located a few miles from the heart of the business region in Kwun Tong.

About one kilometre in length, the waterfront boardwalk in the Promenade provides a great view of  new landmarks in East Kowloon , it also offers as a great place for sports activities. After the sweaty and  hard workout, it would be best to resolve your tiredness by visiting a one-stop Spa closeby.

Lafayette Spa serves as a great place where it is an escape from urban hustle and bustle in Kwun Tong region.

However, saying that, in fact there are lots of hidden gems and bueatiful
surprises in this area! YYT is one of those.

YYT Medical Clinic combines both Chinese and Western techniques in their massage and facial treatments. Especially their  Chinese herbal medi-facial treatment (HK$388 Only!) has been highly recommneded by MindBeauty Girls! 



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