_Leave_ Your job

How long have you sat behind your working desk today? How many tight deadlines you have this week? We know you have a tightened on your job, we also understand you spend most of your days at work…

It’s Time to REST.
It’s time to MAKE A CHANGE.

Here are some tips to take you out of your everyday life. Making this little revolution in your daily routine is fantastic.

It’s time to TAKE A DEEP BREATH NOW – Go out, inhale the fresh air and feel the nature

If your office has a rooftop, go upstairs, feel the wind and the sunlight on your skin. If it doesn’t, going out to the park nearby and take a walk. Just do nothing for a moment.  Then we can get in touch with nature, we just release anything in our mind with no word. Feel it for a moment, and it’s much better when you do it in the morning or evening.

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– It’s Time to REST – Plug in your headphone, listen to instrumental music
Lots of scientists reported that instrumental music improves and helps concentration. While you are at outside to feel the wind, why don’t play instrumental music on your smartphone?

Alternatively, plug in your headphone and dive into your bathroom for an aroma bath. Relax, baby!

– It’s time for MAKING A CHANGE – Book your first yoga trialUntitled design (9)

Yoga is meditation. Get your mat, get Inspired; Time to give yourself a try. Have no idea where to get the best yoga trial class?  Download MindBeauty – a beauty booking app provides instant confirmation, showing your nearest studio by GPS detection.  Time to kick off your first fears! Invite your best friend to join you, treat her/him with this beauty kindness. When you’re ready, you can start bringing together your mind, body, and soul to a higher level. Untitled design (2)Ask for a new Makeup

At some point in time, most girls wearing the same makeup every day, solely because they are “used to”.  Don’t you have a lot of stocks of brand new chic colours or eyeshadows in your drawer? Girls all love shopping, like everyone, you bought the trendy colour and wore it once only! Once a while, try to visit a makeup artist and ask for a new look. You will be surprised to see how she boosted your confidence and
soothed your tiredness by a series of new colours created by other hands.

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