Counting down to the big day and still in the the midst of sorting everything out? The wedding day is the biggest day any girl can dream of, although there are many things that could make your wedding day truly special! Be it the most amazing wedding gown by Valentino, pretty little castle in south of France, or the best Italian dinning setting. The list goes on and on, but what truly matters is you and your babe, so remember to put all these planning aside and really focus on yourself once you got the time. Beauty is something coming from in and within. This week I am going through some of the most needed pre-wedding preparation for you to really pamper yourself and get in the best shape for the big day!


Wedding planning is great fun and packed with heaps of little tasks, and it does get stressful quite so often. During this headache time, it is curial to sit back and relax! It goes without saying massage is one of the obvious way to destress yourself from burning out! It also helps to calm down your inner soul and release happy hormones in your brain, so that you don’t sink in the wedding stress, and glow like a super star on your big day.

Instead of just going once in a while, I suggest you and your significant other goes once a week a month prior your big day. Trust me you will start feeling much happier and way less stress, making you guys the sweetest love birds of the galaxy!


Only if you haven’t got an exercise routine already, this is a great time to start one, not only it makes you feel good about yourself but it also firms up your body. I suggest you start at least 3 months prior your wedding, if you really wants to see some results, wether it be weight loss or firming up certain parts of your body. P.S. If you start too last minutes, not only you might not be able to see the result, it could also really tired yourself out! Check it out MindBeauty’s latest offer HERE.

Hair removal

For some might think body hair is sexy and cool, but if you aren’t on that side of the palette, get them removed professionally. Also remember do not leave it till last minute as well, if you want them legs to be smooth like baby’s butt. And if you are after those smooth AF glossy photoshop- like skin, you might want to consider to invest in some laser removal treatment, way prior the wedding, you know these things does take time.


This is something you can do every night before you head to sleep, just sit still with your eye shut for 10 minutes and focus on your breathing. You will be surprised with how much it will affect your mind space and gaining control over your stress. What’s on the outside really reflects on whats on the inside, its crucial to get a clear head before your big day, the last thing you want is a stress out bride!


If you haven’t visit a spa for awhile this is the time, treat yourself and your bridesmaid a spa day to step away from all the stress. It is a great way bond and talk your heart out while getting some most needed relaxing time!


Just make sure you get enough sleep, 8 hours at least every night a week before your wedding if you don’t want any dark circles! Simple as that!