Summer means longer days, sultry nights, and everyone being in a generally good mood. Make the most of it by getting out and about with these activities that’ll let you really get the most out of summer in Hong Kong.

Find a rooftop bar

The afternoons are hot but once evening hits, the weather’s actually pleasant and the best way to enjoy it is with happy hour at one of Hong Kong’s fantastic rooftop bars. There are plenty around, so just find one that suits your vibe. Our suggestions: Sevva, Cé La Vie, Wooloomooloo Wanchai, Piqniq, The Garage Bar, Skye, Eyebar.

Take a staycation

If you’re short on annual leave and can’t take a long summer vacation, you can still take a break with a city staycation right here in Hong Kong – or even Macau. Simply book into a plush hotel and spend your days eating, drinking and sitting by the pool – bonus points if the hotel has a spa for you to get your wellness on. Voila – a holiday without catching a flight.

Take to the waters

If the heat does start to get to you, the quickest way to cool off is to jump right into Hong Kong’s surrounding waters. Gather a group of friends and book a weekend junk, or perhaps try your hand at wind-surfing or stand-up paddleboarding.

Go camping

Camping? In Hong Kong? Yes, really. If you’re keen on spending a day at the beach, extend the experience and sleep under the stars at one of Hong Kong’s beachfront campsites – most will even rent you tents and sleeping bags if you don’t want to bring your own. Favorites include Ham Tin Wan, Pui O, Long Ke Wan,


Byline: Gina


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