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Find & Book Spa Salons and Treatments in Hong Kong

Find & Book Spa Salons and Treatments in Hong Kong

Do you need a day off? Want to run from the stress of your busy schedule?

Experience therapeutic benefits of an entire day spent in a luxury spa salon in Hong Kong.

Use MindBeauty app to discover the one that offers services that best meet your needs!

Prime Beauty & Wellness Booking App


MindBeauty is an intuitive application that comes with a reliable booking gateway. You can use it to book a spa, massage, yoga, or a beauty treatment in Hong Kong in a matter of minutes!

We have carefully selected all the spa treatments from our offer to ensure you receive top class services.

Select the service you want, filter spas by different categories (location, price, services, etc.), browse through their galleries, and book the one that appeals to you the most – as simple as that! 

For a Modern Customer

The team behind MindBeauty application understands the needs of a modern man / woman – always busy running errands and completing an endless list of tasks. We know that from time to time you need a safe and secluded nook right in the middle of Honk Kong to escape the city noise.

MindBeauty hastens and simplifies the process of booking spa treatments – using nothing but a mobile device and one free finger to discover a luxurious spa salon in Hong Kong where you’ll cleanse from all the pressure.

Discover the perfect place in less than a minute!

  1. Select the service you need

  2. Browse through MindBeauty selection

  3. Book an appointment with one tap of the screen!

With MindBeauty application you can book spa treatments 15 minutes from now or a month in advance. Go through the list we provide and check out all the schedules – you’re bound to find a free opening that works with your busy day.

Enjoy Any Spa Treatment 

Since the launch, MindBeauty application focused on partnering with only the most luxurious spa salons in Hong Kong that offer unmatched services at an affordable price.

Enjoy any of the spa treatments:

  • Massage treatments

  • Hydrotherapy treatments

  • Body treatments

  • Beauty treatments

Take advantage of our unique reward program – book a spa treatment in Hong Kong, review the spa salon you visited, and receive points that you can spend in our gift shop!

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