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瀏覽及預約 Soul Relax 享受正宗鮮奶足浴

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Service Range 服務包括:

Massage, Foot Massage, Head & Shoulder Massage, Manicure, Pedicure, Hand & Foot Treatment


Address 地址:

Room D, 1/F, Sun Fung Mansion, 52-60 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong


Working Hours 服務時間:

Mon – Sun: 11am – 11pm

Soul Relax is located in Central, which mainly offers professional massages including foot, aromatherapy, head and neck massage. They focus on the importance of communicating with each guest and believe that communication with the guests is a must. Soul Relax is also very sincere and will prepare hot water for guests before the official massage, and can choose flowers or fresh milk. The milk soaking feet can make the feet whiter, smoother, softer and exfoliate, and the milk can reduce inflammation, swelling and soothing. skin. In addition to these professional services, Soul Relax also offers a small outdoor garden, where you can have a drink in the small garden after a massage, and you will definitely have a quiet and quiet atmosphere.

Soul Relax 位於中環擺花街,提供專業按摩,包括足浴按摩、香薰按摩、頭肩頸按摩、面部護理、美甲以及手腳甲護理服務。對於這個繁忙的都市,客人可以完全地放鬆,讓他們專業的水療師消除您的疲勞。他們注重與每位客人溝通的重要性,認為與客人溝通是必須的。您可以告訴按摩師關於您的按摩喜好,他們會盡力為您服務。Soul Relax 亦非常堅持誠意,在正式為客人按摩前,會為客人準備好熱水泡足,而且可以揀選鮮花或者鮮奶。Soul Relax 的牛奶足浴,是採用真牛奶,不計成本証明了他們對每位客人的誠意,牛奶泡腳可以使腳更嫩更白更光滑、軟化和去除角質,而且牛奶可以消炎,消腫與舒緩皮膚。除了這些專業服務之外,Soul Relax 還提供室外小花園,按摩後在小花園喝杯東西,絕對地旺中帶靜,靜中帶旺的節奏。


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