When I was in my early 20’s, the first time I learned to take care of my skin. I tried to use some skincare products and all I knew that I had to used Milk Cleanser and Toner before I washed my face. But I didn’t use it routinely. I really hated taking long time to cleaned my face.

But now, in my late 20’s. I start concerning my skin. But thank God I don’t have big deal with my face like acne or oily skin. But I was still really lazy to used too many skincare products since it takes too long time, duh…!

But I have changed my mind when I’m interested in beauty and lifestyle what Bloggers share on their websites and when I was in love with K-Drama, I learned from what Korean artists do to get their flawless skin. When I found it, I got more surprised to know that they use many skincare products. “Oh Gosh…should I use all of them? I might spend much money to buy them!” that was on my mind when I knew that “a-ha” tips. There were 8 – 9 common items that Korean people use in daily. And the crazy fact that I got that is I have used the Toner product wrongly. I should have used it after washed my face with cleansing foam, but I have used it before wash my face, used it like make up cleanser. (pardon my bad, I hope you don’t laugh too loud :D)

But from all skincare products that beauty bloggers and Korean artists have, I rather use a few products, I think these are more necessary in my late 20’s. It’s like my first aid for skincare. Okay let me tell you one by one, and we start from:

  1. Deep Cleansing foam by Etude House
    It contains baking powder that useful to remove small dead skin cells on your face. I can feel my face lightly and fresh after I used it for washing face.
  2. Aloe BHA Skin Toner by Benton
    Most people already know about Aloe Vera benefits and sometimes I use aloe vera for face mask, and this Toner helps me to get back my fresh skin after washed my face with cleansing foam. Yes, Toner is useful for refreshing your face skin after washed. You need to apply Toner regularly to avoid dry skin.
  3. Fresh Herb Origin Serum by Natural Pacific
    This can absorb into your skin quickly so you will not feel oily on your face, even though it gives oily looks but it’s totally not. It’s useful in my late 20’s as it has many benefits such as anti- wrinkle, control my skin pore, brightening and smoothing and many more.Freshherbnatural.jpg
  4. Moistfull Collagen Cream by Etude House
    You might already knew this benefits because it has mentioned the collagen. Yup, it’s for tighten skin and anti wrinkle too. It also gives fair skin tone.item_XL_23685521_34070475.jpg

The Conclusion

From all those products above, I don’t have product for whitening the most. I think, having fair skin tone is better than having white face skin and tan skin tone in the other sides. So if you need to balance your face skin tone or in the other words, you need to get rid your dull skin, let’s start using few skincare products like I do. You can’t just using one product and hoping to have flawless skin. Nope, each product has its own benefit. Ask free sample when you visit beauty shop to try on your skin. If it gives you nothing bad effect, then buy some and enjoy your skincare time at home.