When I first arrived in Hong Kong many locals told me that Hong Kong is great for shopping! But the longer I live here the more I realise that saying may only apply to certain people with more of a dainty physique. With my luscious latino curves, finding flattering and sexy clothes is not always easy, unless you are ready to go for the high end designers that will break your bank…

Are you like me blessed with some extra juiciness here and there, and not willing to hide them curves, there is a few places you need to know about!

Manufacturer stores in Lai Chi Kok

 Only open during weekdays, this area is plotted with quite a few manufacturer store. I often find these shops have the latest samples from their companies. Good quality finds, which ranges from a couple of hundred HKD to several thousands. Upon my last visit, there were plenty of sequins actions, if that’s your thing you better hurry up!

Little export stores behind Fa Yuen Street

If you’re looking for the coolest kicks around Fa Yuen Street, don’t forget to go check out those little messy stores on the back, I mean the actual stores on both sides and not the stalls! They normally look like a bunch of bits and bops clattered together. At first it might not look like you will find anything interesting but I tend to find the most unexpected dresses in the messiest stores. You will find everything from well-fitting linen jumpsuits, sexy jungle bikinis, a little 60s cocktail number to naughty 90’s jeans!

Fancy pants at Ap Li Chau

Every now and then, we want to go that extra mile for special occasions. Dates you want to impress, weddings on tropical islands or your birthday. Whatever the reason might be, the perfect place to find exceptional pieces is Ap Li Chau. Head to Horizon Plaza at Ap Li Chau, here you will find the biggest outlets for fashion and interior design in Hong Kong. They do normally have bigger sizes and you probably pay at least half of what you would have to pay in a store. This is definitely my go to for the front row kinda look!


Shop till you drop!