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Sense Thai Massage

Sense Thai Massage everyday-working life in a cosmopolitan city, Hong Kong, makes your nerves and mind tensed from time to time. It is a refuge from the ever-changing world if you get a place that is near your work place for personal rediscovery, solace and healing.

Sense Thai Massage, professional massage in Hong Kong,  is your exclusive urban oasis. It is nestled in Central which is the hub of Hong Kong. It provides you a space for indulging yourselves and an ultimate relaxation.

Their experienced Thai therapists at Sense Thai Massage are all of over 15 years experience. Their professional touch in line with the serene and calm environment are for recharging your body and soul.

When you walk in to Sense Thai’s lofty, serene facilities you know you can prepare to be pampered in an urban oasis for traditional Thai massages in Hong Kong. Upon arrival, you will feel completely whisked away from the chaotic, bustling streets of Central outside into an awaiting zone of pure relaxation. The gold and amber tones on the big spa beds are surrounded by thick, pearl-hued curtains that make you want to just lay down and forget all your daily stresses, and get lost in the privacy of your awaiting massage.

Sense Thai is serious about bringing you relaxation and fatigue relief through it’s comprehensive menu of luxurious massages tailored just for you. They understand the importance of proper Every therapist at Sense Thai has guaranteed over 15 years of experience in massage, as well as being thoroughly well-versed in the body’s meridians and acupoints. The friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you decide which treatment is perfect for you and your specific needs so that you are completely rejuvenated and satisfied with your treatment.

All treatments are designed to be invigorating, relaxing, and to relieve stress and muscle pain while targeting each of your specific needs. For example, the lymphatic drainage massages for face and body aim to completely detoxify the body and improve blood circulation. This can help with slimming the figure as well as eliminating excess waste from the body in order to leave you feeling absolutely glowing from the inside out. A traditional Thai massage on the other hand, carries a history of more than 4000 years and can improve the respiratory system, nervous system as well as digestive system, with a treatment focusing on ancient Thai techniques involving pressing and stretching the muscles of the body. Sense Thai definitely offers one of the best traditional Thai massages in Hong Kong, with it’s years of professional experience and returning customers everyday. The careful and skilled touch of one of Sense Thai’s masseuses is promised to banish soreness and knots from your body and will have you coming back for more!

Combining 100% natural coconut oils and essential aroma oils with the masterful touch of an experienced massage therapist, the team at Sense Thai understands that most of us seriously need relief from the physical fatigue and mental distress from everyday work and aim to deliver phenomenal results. The staff are very friendly and exceptionally attentive to your needs, making sure you leave feeling completely refreshed and rejuvenated. This is their promise to you as a customer whether it’s your first time or you’ve returned many times, that each visit will be very worth it. Why not book with MindBeauty today and receive an exclusive discount voucher when you walk in? (4) (5) (3) (4)

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