Mid summer has just passed, but the weather doesn’t seems to cool down and neither does my sex drive. For me, what is most significant for this time of the year is the desire to live a life full of pleasure and energy. Lifting weights feels good for some, but is also tiring, if you want to evolve your erotic adventures cardio is definitely the activity for the summer! The only thing you need is your tiny weeny shorts and a pair of great ear phones!


This might seems obvious, but if you do it with a plan it will be more fun and end up with excellent result! Remember to challenge for yourself while knowing your limits, so that you can keep pushing it. Here are my golden rules: always push yourself a little out of comfort zone, lets say you normally do 2 kilometre spin, adds an extra one once you feel your normal 2 is easy peasy!

You might think sweating feels disgusting but few things are more arousing for a man than a women breathing heavily and stretching after a spurt with her golden skin shining after the effort.

With the right running gear, you will look like the birth of Venus. It’s not a coincidence that a running body makes the same sounds as during sex!

Make sure you are well hydrated beforehand and you are ready to go!

There is some different techniques to use depending on your goals:

Do you want to burn fat? Run slowly and for longer time. A lower pulse actually makes the body go into “fat burning mode”.

If you really want to improve your cardio and make your heart stronger I recommend shorter intervals (preferably in uphill) and then one minutes rest before you start all over.

I love to run by the water in Victoria harbour, but watch out so you don’t run into some tourists!

Like with all kind of exercise, my advice is always that it has to be driven by lust! Just like sex, it is really isn’t about being fast, but to enjoy it!