When you walk down the streets of Hong Kong you can clearly tell which holiday is coming. All the stores are promoting heart shaped chocolate, rose bouquets and cute little teddy bears to give to the love of your life! We lucky ones can’t help but smile and anticipate for the big LOVE date!

February 14th can even if it’s exciting and cute also be a bit stressful when you try to plan the perfect date for your special someone. But don’t worry! If you’re looking for a way to make your baby smile, simplicity is the way to go! After all, this is all about … love!

Talking a Stroll to the Peak
peakTake your date to a higher level by strolling up to the peak in the afternoon! Let your city stress fade away while you watch the sun set over our magnificent city. There are plenty of hidden spots along the trail where you can indulge yourself with some bubbly and passionate kisses…
If you want to view the city from one of the many restaurants, I would definitely suggest you to book it ahead to prevent disappointment.

Feeling Like a Princess
princessWhy don’t you take your little man-boy to an adventure in a magical land? Unleash your inner child while wondering around in Ocean Park! High up on a mountain by the sea this is the amusement park with the most beautiful view in the world.
Sit together in the eagle while you see the horizon at all directions! The VR coster that takes you on a tickling trip to Amazonas is an experience in it’s own. Nothing feels better than to cuddle down in bed with your loved one after a day of laughter and sunshine!
And remember: when it’s dark, anything can happen in the cable car…

Romantic Dinning by the Beach
beachSpend a day at the beach with your partner, and drink champagne while the waves flood your day with romance. With the current temperature, chilling on the beach in the midst of winter is definitely possible. Repulse Bay on the south side of Hong Kong Island offers an amazing view as the sun sets.
Have a lovely little meal at one of the restaurants to the sound of the ocean! You can also sneak away to a desolate part of the beach after dinner and do it like they do in Scandinavia: take a skinny dip with your darling! Even if the water might be a bit cold, you will have a good laugh together and you can warm each others bodies under a blanket afterwards…

Love Nutrisa

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