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Shop Review by MindBeauty – Soul Feet

Shop Review by MindBeauty – Soul Feet

2-hour urban getaway in the heart of Central with Soul Feet which has been around for less than a year, has the whole floor in a new building on Stanley Street and conveniently located within 5-min walking distance from Central MTR station. As you could tell by its name, it’s predominantly a foot massage place. The spa also offers body massagehead & shoulder massage and facial treatments.

It’s mid-week and a busy lunchtime in Central, I’ve booked myself 50 mins each of foot and aromatic oil body massage and to take on an exploration tour at Soul Feet.

When I first walked out of the elevator, management staff Tammy was there to greet me. I was stunned by the hotel design alike look of the spa. I couldn’t help but to compliment on how beautiful this place is. Tammy told me that the founder of the spa really emphasized on the ambience and every detail in this space to make it unique and stand out from other places in Hong Kong. Renowned designer Alexander Chang was hired to work on this project. I was looking around the black decor, it’s extremely chic, elegant, mysterious yet surprisingly relaxing. It feels like where you can just switch off from the world, enjoy the massage and connect with yourself. Now I’m really looking forward to what’s going to happen next!

Tammy had me seated on the couch next to reception, served me some delicious warm arrowroot tea and told me that they serve different kinds of wellness tea every day. Next, she guided me through picking my oil for my massage with these delicate little bowls and tray in front of me. It reminded me of being in some 5-star resort spa in Bali or Phuket. There are selections of 4: Ginger, Lemongrass, Lymphatic massage oil which is a mix of a few kinds and Sandalwood. I picked Lemongrass for this hot summer time but apparently, each of them has its own benefits which Tammy explained to me patiently.

Then Tammy led me to this big cozy room which I did my foot massage and introduced to my therapist Apple. I’ve always been skeptical about foot massage spa as it’s usually packed and noisy with all the customers and therapists squeezed in one room that gets onto my nerves. This is not an issue at all in Soul Feet. I soaked my feet while Apple gave me a brief neck and shoulder massage before we moved into the foot massage. Apple was professional with her massaging techniques, it hurt a little as my legs have been tired from all the walking and exercise, but it’s bearable and so worth it. Meanwhile, she was happy to give me a brief introduction to the spa itself and the team here. You could tell she was passionate about her job and it put a smile on my face.

It’s considerate of the spa to provide private foot massage rooms for 1 person or 2 people which would be good for couples or anyone who wants a bit more privacy when they unwind.

After that, I moved to this spacious body massage room where Apple gave me a full body massage. I normally get a 1.5-hour body massage and worried if a 50-min one would be enough. However, after this session, I have felt that if the therapist knowledgeable and the massage itself is on point and effective, a 50-min one would do the work. There isn’t a moment wasted and every part of my body got taken care of from head to feet.

Same as foot massage, other than single room, Soul Feet has body massage rooms of 2 or 3 beds for groups and families. Beds could be separated by a light curtain if you wish.

After both treatments were done, I was being served with more warm arrowroot tea before waving bye by Tammy and Apple. The staff here are welcoming, attentive and I instantly felt like we became good friends.

Unlike some other experiences I had in other massage places, I didn’t feel tired or sleepy after my visit to Soul Feet. I went on with my day feeling energized and got productive with work. I fell asleep after 1 minute as soon as I got in bed that night and had slept so sound and well which I haven’t been in a while. Thank you, Soul Feet, it has been truly rejuvenating!

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