Now as 2017 comes to an end, we sum up what we achieved and reflect on our experiences. As we put glitter on our eyelids and slide into our favourite heels we also take time to contemplate the future. A new years resolution is a promise to yourself to elevate your life quality. Love, joy and health are what I consider the most important things in life. Let’s start the year of 2018 with more to love and more to enjoy!

As easy as it sounds we all know that the new years resolutions are hard to keep. But the point is that it does take dedication and tremendous efforts to reach new heights.

Let’s do it for the right reasons and execute it in the S-M-A-R-T Way!

A concrete goal is crucial
when it comes to effectiveness. It does not have to be about losing kilos, it could just as well be the process that counts. Do you want to exercise more? Make the routine three times a week no matter what. Stick to your plan and be specific about which exercise you are going to do and for how long. It’s hard to stick to a plan if it is as abstract as “to work out more”.

No matter what your resolutions might be, track your records along the way so you know exactly how far you come along!




A goal that is just about reachable for you to take little steps towards won’t leave you in frustration. To quit your job and go exploring the world might not be realistic for everyone, for whatever reason it might be. Take a smaller bite size, cross country trips every now and then could be a more reasonable and manageable alternative.


Have a realistic timeline and strive to achieve your goals within a certain time. As important it is to aim high you have to take it little by little. Set dates in your calendar when every step goal should be achieved. And don’t forget…



It has to be relevant in a sense that you are doing this to alter your life structure for the better. Don’t bother so much about other peoples’ opinions or expectations. We have all seen those mountains of memes about “life goals” that seems irresistible, but might be impossible to reach for the most of us. And they may not be that interesting after all. Every situation is unique. Be your own judge when its comes to your own goals!

As a wise woman once said ​ “If you don’t love yourself, how are you gonna love somebody else?”

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