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Japanese Nail & Eyelash Salon

For many women, putting on a beauty nail is like changing a mood. Dressing up hands is just as important as makeup and fashion. Canary Japanese Manicure Shop located in Queen Victoria Street just 4 minutes walking distance from Central Station Exit 2. It is perfect for MindBeauty Girls who are looking for high quality nail services!

Canary’s interior design is very Japanese, the wood color of the room is soft, and the details are decorated with a sense of space, so that you can enjoy the nail service comfortably. They provide gel manicure and pedicure and removable resin manicure services to meet your different needs to show off your every move on different occasions.

Canary provides complex and meticulous nail design and fine lines. The gentle and caring attitude of the technicians, gently care for your nails, so that the whole process is not only nail art, but also relax, escape the pressure of daily life. If customers see their favorite nail styles on the Internet or in magazines on weekdays, they can show them to the technicians. After they have seen the design, they will tell you whether they can do the same or modify them.

Canary used the industry’s top brands such as OPI and Essie to make customers feel comfortable with nails and ensure that nail health is not damaged.
Canary also offers men’s manicure service. Boyfriend or husband can accompany the lady shopping and then do the nails together. You can enjoy your personal care and sweet time at the same moment.
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Contact Details

  • Manicure, Pedicure, Makeup

  • Room 1002, 10/F, Lee Loong Building, No.4 Queen Victoria Street, Central, Hong Kong

  • Mon – Sat: 10am – 8pm

  • Sun: Closed

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