Wether you are sitting by the desk from 9 till 5 or work as a full time housewife, living in Hong Kong is stressful from time to time with its fast pace city life. My mind tends to mess up like an old school telephone wire without me even realising it! That’s why I find it so important to gravitate my energy to the ground. Sometimes Intake a little city escape to a south east Asian retreat, and when I don’t have as much time I try to take an authentic massage and treatment at a local spa.

There are many kinds of massage and treatment out there, and here I am going to give a little round up of popular ones by the region!

Thai Yoga Massage

This has to be one the most common type of massage in south east Asia, it consists of acupressure, Ayurvedic principles and assisted yoga positions. If you are always sitting down and aren’t moving much, this massage is seriously a life saver! Originating from ancient West India, this healing massage relieve joint tensions as well as fatigue. You might feel like you just got out of the gym when you are done with the massage, but your body will be immensely relaxed and pampered the following week.

Vietnam Mud Spa

Compared with Thai massage, the Vietnam has a more gentle approach with soft pressure and touch, paired with natural substance treatments with hot rocks and mineral mud. Sumptuous in natural mineral the mud alleviate ailments within your body like rheumatism, tensed joint and irritated skin. Above all, being in these warm mud opens up your pores and removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin irresistibly smooth and glowing.

Japanese Hot Sand Bath

Bury yourself with sand might not sound like a pleasant experience, but this tradition had been around for the past 200 years in Japan. Cover your whole body with only your head sticking out, and let the gentle warm sand, heated by volcanic water, rejuvenate your mind and body. Although it might be a rather hot sensation from the beginning, your body will adjust to it after a few minutes. The natural mineral in the sand and volcanic water does an amazing work on those tired joint and sore back.

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Charlene Lang

MindBeauty picked four of the best salons in Hong Kong for spa and massage, please take a look. Have a nice day! 

 Sense Thai Massage:Thai Traditional Massage / 60 mins (HKD 572 HKD 458)

Hokkai Stone Spa: Stone Spa (Ganban’yoku) / 40 mins (HKD 388 HKD 88)

 Nuur Day Spa: Thai Body Massage / 45 mins (HKD 330)

 Cara Day Spa: Green Tea Foot Massage / 45 mins (HKD 420 HKD 350)

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