SOVOS Aromatherapy is a private botanical sanctuary, a hidden gem devoted to the art of organic apothecary at the heart of Central. All treatments are personalised and conducted by UK certified aromatherapists, using the finest healing-grade essential oils to improve circulation, ease tension and ensure total relaxation. Read on to discover the story behind SOVOS Aromatherapy. In a short interview with Mindbeauty, Hester explains what inspired her to set up SOVOS Aromatherapy, how it all started and what are her plans for the future.

Introduction – Founder of SOVOS Aromatherapy

Hester, who is a UK qualified aromatherapist is a minimalist who truly embodies holistic health and complementary therapies. Her passion for natural products stems from years of research and experimentation while making her own cosmetics and household products. Today, this all-natural approach provides alternatives to the chemical-laden environment that has become part of our modern lifestyles.

Hester Yiu – Founder of SOVOS Aromatherapy

Through a process of identifying the essentials and eliminating the rest, Hester has discovered that the complex names listed in personal care products are a thin veil for harmful chemical ingredients – the very ones that we are exposed to on a daily basis. Her path to uncovering what is truly beneficial to skin, health and beauty was borne through this labor of love.

Hester is known for combining her formal study of aromatherapy, anatomy, physiology and pathology with a hands-on approach. Embracing the practical, she applies her natural-health knowledge to common ailments, skin conditions, colds and flu, and feminine health issues. The rewards were immediately seen in her own improved health, as well as that of her family and even her pet Chihuahua. Now, Hester is sharing that valuable perception so that it might benefit others.

Through SOVOS, Hester brings her expertise and thorough knowledge of essential oils to improve health and maintain vitality. Having dedicated her life to helping others achieve healthier lives and well-being, Hester is an internationally certified aromatherapist, IFA (UK) and NAHA (US). She aims to help others achieve healthier lives and well-being through aromatherapy, education and much more.

SOVOS Aromatherapy provides one-on-one tailored treatments.

Why SOVOS Aromatherapy?

The main reason that Hester founded SOVOS Aromatherapy is because of her husband, Jonathan, who is the co-founder of SOVOS. He has suffered from eczema for years and the condition was at its worse when he was working in the stressful and intensive financial industry, with eczema all over his face, ears, neck, spreading to his joints and body. The red, rash-like appearance, relentless itch and sleepless nights had severely affected Jonathan’s daily life and challenged his emotional well-being.

Throughout the years, Jonathan consulted countless doctors and tried both Chinese and Western medicine treatments, attempted everything he could to get out of this eczema flare cycle but nothing worked out for him. Jonathan thought he had to live with it forever until he met Hester, who is a strong believer of the power of natural remedy.

After in-depth research on eczema and thorough examination of Jonathan’s condition, Hester recognised the problems and also found out the ingredients in his skin care products had made his eczema worse. Using her professional knowledge in Aromatherapy, Hester helped Jonathan to relief his stress and also created a formula to treat his eczema. The combination of natural remedies that she designed for Jonathan had gradually soothed and healed his dry flaky skin and his eczema got cured in 3 months’ time. Apart from doctor’s medications, they comprehended that a proper, effective and sustainable home care is crucial in the eczema healing process. In order to provide support to more eczema patients, Hester and Jonathan established SOVOS Aromatherapy in 2014, aiming to be “A Therapist Close to You”, like how Jonathan had Hester beside him as his personal therapist.

Interview with Hester Yiu – Founder of SOVOS

MindBeauty: What are the main factors to keep a successful beauty business in your point of view?

Hester: A dedication to serve others, an open ear to listen to every each individual’s unique story helps find the root of a health problem, pin point on it and help customers truly tackle their true health problem that irritates them. 

MindBeauty: What makes you to keep on the passion for working in the beauty industry as some would say it is rather competitive?

Hester: With the emergence of medical beauty where customers can be more prone to instant effects and quick fixes, undoubtedly the beauty industry has evolved by so much. Us being on the naturopath side of the beauty industry require a stronger conviction to stay focused for what we do. We do see customers demand more results from treatments which pushes the traditional boundaries of an organic skincare ritual, organic treatments can no more be only about “organic” but also about results they can deliver. This helps us to professionalize the process by assigning each guest with a designated personal therapist to listen and advise on the formulation of a skincare ritual. At the end of the day, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing customers see changes in their lives and spreading the love to their family in treating daily ailments and seeing there are alternatives to a medicine approach to your daily wellbeing.

MindBeauty: Please use three words to best represent your shop.

Hester: Therapist approach to wellness: 1.Therapist 2.Organic 3.Aromatherapy

MindBeauty: What makes your shop special?

Hester: We are very focused in delivering an authentic aromatherapy approach to all the treatments, advises, and products we give to our customers. True dedication and focus in the study and use of botanical species together with proper professional diagnosis helps us deliver a very different experience as to any spas. 

SOVOS Aromatherapy only uses luxury and certified organic products.

MindBeauty: What is the wow factor for you to perceive in this beauty industry?

Hester: We let you speak directly with a UK qualified aromatherapist with a professional background to give you a more knowledgeable, trustworthy advise in improving your wellbeing. We enable spa customers to actively participate in what they apply on their skin, understanding what’s in the formula.

MindBeauty: Any motto that you live by?

Hester: A therapist close to you. It is via active listening and speaking directly with a professional that helps yourself to be better adviced in this world full of jargon and trends initiated by different marketing campaign by brands. We believe in classic, timeless knowledge accumulated through the years in science research.

MindBeauty: What is the goal/direction for your business be in 5 years’ time?

Hester: Every person should have a therapist beside them. Like a nurse beside you to help you tackle everyday ailments. There’s always too much to learn everyday.


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