Webp.net-resizeimageAMOOMA Spa & Sanctuary is a diversified beauty centre offering massages, facials and body treatments which is located in Causeway Bay. This center is convenient for you to dress up on weekdays or spend the weekend walking around the street to relax.

AMOOMA prizes itself as genuine and authentic spa experience that dedicates to the sacred Temple of Me. A quiet sanctuary situated away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, AMOOMA celebrates not just an unparalleled indulgence, but an ascending, spiritual experience that cares for your wellbeing – simply because we think everyone deserves a chance to blossom.

AMOOMA uses the conceptual design of City Spa to make guests feel comfortable and stylish. In addition, there are a number of independent treatment rooms in the store, with high privacy. If you want to massage with your friends, you can also choose a double room.

In order to allow guests to experience local characteristics and find the massage that is most suitable for them, AMOOMA Spa & Sanctuary has introduced ancient treatments from different countries such as Thai grass ball massage, Spanish wine therapy, and Yuyang Tank Meridian detoxification that has added Chinese traditional techniques. . These massages help to eliminate fatigue, eliminate toxic substances from the body, and achieve health and beauty at the same time. AMOOMA Spa & Sanctuary’s massage and beauty treatments are handled by Thai masseurs and local beauticians, respectively. They all have senior experience so customers can rest assured. In addition, the treatment effects have been confirmed by scientists to have a significant effect and make the guests more confident.

AMOOMA Spa & Sanctuary is committed to the pursuit of beauty and health for women, providing safe and effective beauty services. If you want to enjoy quality massage or beauty treatments, consider AMOOMA Spa & Sanctuary in Causeway Bay.


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Featured Treatments

  • Aromatic Herb Ball Massage
  • Traditional Thai Massage
  • Chinese Accupoint Massage
  • Yu Yang Bianstone Cup
  • Hotstone Massage

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