Tai Dian Tong Beauty Health Centre is a professional massage and beauty center. It has been opened for many years. They mainly provide massage, facial and body beauty services. This beauty center is located in the heart of Prince Edward, Kowloon. The transportation is very convenient, so that people can relax in the busy weekdays.

The environment is elegant, neat and tidy, combined with gentle lighting and comfortable beds, allowing guests to enjoy a relaxing massage. There is also a barrel steamer in the shop where guests can steam and massage first, which will be even better. And do not worry about health issues, there are bedding towels in the steamer’s seat and the bottom of the box, guests wrapped in towels and paper underwear into the wooden box, the body will not directly touch the wooden steam box. Immediately after steaming, disinfect wooden boxes and replace all towels with disinfectant and high-temperature fumigation.

Tai Dian Tong Beauty Health Centre provides professional and experienced Thai massage services. The function of the massage is mainly to treat the symptoms of occupational diseases, as well as massage services that provide slimming and magnetic fork nerves to meet the different needs of the guests. In addition to this, they also provide beauty services, and also selected British NO.1 Eve Taylor’s aromatherapy products, as well as South Korea’s Ronas and SMAS 3D gold needles, to ensure that guests can enjoy high-quality and professional beauty services.

After many MindBeauty users patronize, they are warmly recommended. Tai Dian Tong Beauty Health Centre always insists on providing guests with the highest quality service, dedicated service, customer-oriented, and the use of international brands of beauty products, giving guests confidence and professional assurance. They can enjoy comfortable beauty and massage times with confidence and peace of mind.



Featured Treatments

  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage
  • SMAS 3D Nano Golden Needle Facial
  • Semi Permanent Make Up Treatment


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