The Private Room by Florence T.

The Private Room by Florence T. is located in the heart of Hong Kong, Central. It provides professional makeup and hairstyling. Read on to discover the story behind The Private Room by Florence T. In a short interview with Mindbeauty, Florence explains what inspired her to set up “The Private Room”, how it all started and what are her plans for the future.

Florence Tse – Founder of “The Private Room”.

Why The Private Room?

Florence understands that why people may not feel pleasant to do their hair and makeup in a noisy and messy place where surrounded by others. And this is the main reason that she launched “The Private Room”, which is a cozy place to get ready for a date.

Florence has acquired the qualification as a professional makeup artist from MakeUp Forever Academy, which is a well-known professional make up accreditation. She has also obtained professional certificates for beauty care practician, such as Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (CIBTAC) and International Federation of Aestheticians (INFA). Furthermore, she has achieved the level of Gold Master in INFA. For further skills enrichment, Florence has been to Taiwan to learn hairstyling, and now she is a full time professional makeup artist and hair stylist.

Interview with Florence Tse – Founder of The Private Room.
MindBeauty: What are the main factors to keep a successful beauty business in your point of view?
Florence: While talking about the main factors to run a beauty business, I would say good quality services, comfortable environment and one’s truthfulness towards guests are keys to success for beauty business.

MindBeauty: What makes you to keep on the passion for working in the beauty industry as some would say it is rather competitive?

Florence: Despite of the competitive nature, my wish is to simply help to make guests become more appealing and attractive, especially assisting them to feel confident to attend all kinds of events in any circumstances.

MindBeauty: What have triggered you to set up this company in the beginning?

Florence: I was the chief artist in a same kind of beauty industry before. However, I found it quite contrary to my concept which is simply to make guests look more beautiful, either by make up or by hair styling. Large beauty companies are more concerned towards maximizing profits and brand building. I would like to work in a way that is more focused from the guest’s point of view which seems simpler and easier. However, it is involved with many details and care in reality. I find this belief can only be feasible if I create my own place to work on. So this is my choice of setting up my own workshop.

MindBeauty: Please use three words to best represent your shop.

Florence: Private, calm & relax.

MindBeauty: What makes your shop special?

Florence: The uniqueness is not about my shop, but my crafting ability.

MindBeauty: What is the wow factor for you to perceive in this beauty industry?

Florence: Apart from good crafting ability, guest is most impressed by the way one’s thinking from the their point of view. Always being in guest’s shoes, trying to imagine what the guest really wants is probably the best way to serve them.

MindBeauty: Any particular reasons to choose specific cosmetic brands for your company?

Florence: I always have a try on the cosmetic items on myself first before putting on guests. Only when I found the items really good, I wouldn’t put it on guests.

MindBeauty: Any motto that you live by?

Florence: Lifelong Strength: Your strength will equal your days – Deuteronomy 33:25.

MindBeauty: Any memorable things that you would like to share?

I haven’t imagined that I would have my own workshop. Always had imagined that taking care of shop is troublesome and something not I intended to do in the past. I have even said that I didn’t want to own a shop. However, due to one single strong belief, I have started this private room and is now taking care of every details of it. I think that is quite an unimaginable and memorable event.

MindBeauty: What are the biggest lessons that you have learnt in doing the beauty business so far?

Florence: No matter how well your crafting skills are, there is inevitably somebody dislikes it. It is rather subjective for people to judge. So I am quite at ease for taking the opinions from others now than the past, instead, I concentrate on doing a good job on my own. I believe there is alway somebody who will admire your good job.

MindBeauty: What is the goal/direction for your business be in 5 years’ time?

Florence: There is always one ultimate goal, which is provide a pleasant space for customers where they can turn themselves to be more attractive. In 5 years time, I hope that “The Private Room” will become more comfortable and decent place to be.

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