Everyone loves a good bath! In 2018, the bath bomb is showering many Instagram walls worldwide with its luscious colours!

Not only it is a visual overload, perfectly engineered for social media savvy, but more importantly they serve as a great relaxing bathing product with essential oils and rejuvenating properties.

Although there are many bath bombs out there, this time I am going into the one I love most! Save your Arigatou Gozaimasu and thank me later, these awesome bathing essentials not only looks great and smell fantastic, but it also leaves your skin soft like baby’s butt! I strongly advise to have a little light scrub before your skinny dipping, and drop those bath bombs like it’s HOT! You really don’t need to have an onsen at home to feel like you are in Japan, let the gentle fragrance of lavender, green tea, sakura to transport your senses to the land of the sunrise! By the way there are way more scents you can chose from, all of them are made in Japan!

Something extra, what I also really like to do is that I will ask my significant other to join me in the bath, after long day apart. Having a cheeky glass of vino and talk about the day, chip in some olives if you may, lingering the evening with a relaxing and sensual note!

Let’s bath together!

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