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瀏覽及預約 Lavana Professional Nail Art 中環高性價比修甲小店

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Service Range 服務包括:

Nail, Manicure, Pedicure


Address 地址:

2/F, 26 Cochrane Street, Central, Hong Kong


Working Hours 服務時間:

Mon – Sun: 11am – 8:30pm

Located on Cochrane Street in the heart of the busy Central, and being right in sight of the escalators Lavana is one of the most popular nail salons in Hong Kong. Lavana offers a wide range of nail polishes and colors from popular brands such as OPI, Essie and Jessica, as well as shellac and other soft gel brands such as OPI generation. There are always many options for you to choose at Lavana and their highly skilled and dedicated nail stylists are always warm and welcoming.

位於繁華中心中心的閣麟街,正在看自動扶梯 Lavana 是香港最受歡迎的美甲沙龍之一。 Lavana 提供各種流行品牌的指甲油和顏色,如OPI,Essie 和 Jessica,以及蟲膠和其他軟凝膠品牌,如 OPI 一代。 您可以在 Lavana 選擇各種各樣的選擇,他們技藝高超的專業美甲師總是熱情好客。


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