Wet winds and smog are lying like a jellyfish between the skyscrapers in my beloved Hong Kong, and for some of us the new years resolutions has already started to seem illegitimately masochistic (Why did I promise to be sober in January?). Yes, a new year is a new beginning but when the fireworks has faded away it’s also painfully obvious that we find ourselves in the middle of the winter. It’s not the most pleasant time of the year and that’s why I here provide you my January survival kit!

Matcha Tea

In Chinese culture there is a tea for every situation, and for every beautiful woman that sometimes feel low on energy matcha is the right choice! Except for caffeine Matcha tea is full of L-Theanine which increases your ability to focus, as well as vitamin A, B, C, E, K and trace minerals. Matcha is also famous for helping the body to burn fat. Personally I love to sit down with a hot cup of tea but you can even add some matcha powder to your protein shake or your coffee! Isn’t that a perfect remedy for both Mind and Beauty?

Massage & spa

I don’t have a scientific explanation why massage and spa treatments feels like the most wonderful physical experience in the world but it surely does! I try to get some oil massage done at least once a month, and it’s extra important when the weather is chilly and our bodies gets tense more easily!

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Find peace by the sea

I would never dream of dipping my precious body in the cold water these days but that doesn’t stop me from walking along the empty beaches. This season gives me a sense of closeness to nature. While walking in a beautiful winter coat you can feel the ocean breath like an enormous lung.

Read a book

No, I don’t mean in a pretentious way, chose the one that suits your mood! Wether it’s a passionate love story of a poor white girl and a wealthy Chinese man like in Margeruite Duras The Lover, a family drama about longing like Virginia Woolfs To the Light House or a Chinese 90’s classic like Wei Huis sex-sprinkled Shanghai Baby, reading always helps me to settle my mind by simply spending some time in another reality!


It’s easier said than done, but the best way to get through the now is to accept it as it is. For a person not used to meditation it can initially seem to boost restlessness rather than peace but once you get used to it this thousand years old tradition actually has a lot of wisdom to provide. It’s scientifically proved that doing meditation everyday will change the paths in your brain making you happier and calmer as well as more focused. Start with five minutes a day and if you want to increase over time! There is loads of apps to help you keep in touch with your buddhist side!


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