You look into the eyes of your loved one, and promise eternal love – Wedding is the most intimate act in a loving relationship, but it is also an aesthetic manifestation! Whether you want to go all in with your theme or just pick elements you like to slowly construct it after your preference, at the end of the day, it’s your wedding and it should reflect your interests and dreams. A theme wedding can be a perfect solution if you want to have your own take on this celebration of love!

Here are five ideas for wedding themes that will create that wonderful surrounding on your perfect day!


Nostalgic Vintage

If you are fan of Billy Holiday and enjoy a little Charleston dance off, this nostalgic vintage wedding is perfect for you! Draw inspiration from the past decades, and use antique decor, like weathered doors and tables, vintage wooden chairs and old-school tablewares for your ceremony and reception. Imagine yourself arriving the ceremony in a vintage Aston Martin open top and stepping out of the car in your wedding gown and veil made out of delicate vintage lace. It will literally look like the perfect ending of an old school Hollywood film!


Streamline Modernism

Clean lines, geometric shapes, and minimal design – take a scandi approach! The decoration is all about keep it clean and lean, streamline seating, striking backdrop, and bold colour schemes. Your wedding dress can also relate to this theme by having a constructive / destructive touch to it!


Boho Chic

This is one is like marmalade, you either love it or hate it. But if the boho lifestyle reflect yourself, then you should definitely go for it. The boho-chic is all about being care-free – leave behind the hustle and bustle of the city life and give your guests a taste farm life. A wedding set in nature is typically intimate and simplistic. Get a few Persian rugs to line the aisle let the nature do rest of the decor for you!



This is the perfect style for Great Gatsby fans like me. Featuring 1920s lavishness, complete with jazz music, ornate gold and sparkles. Add a touch of steampunk to put a fascinating spin to the theme. Just picture having a live jazz band playing some good old Ella Fitzgerald while all your guests are dressed in flapper dresses and top hats. This would definitely be a wedding to remember!


Animal Lover

Animals are like our little babies, and some of us just love them so much we have to incorporate them into the wedding theme (and dress). Start the wedding invitation to creating motif pattern on soft furnishing for sitting and backdrops. This really could be the idea for the cutest wedding on earth, and will leave your guests in awe!