In working life, most career individual has left a traditional working outfit. Suit and tie or men in black are rare to find these days, unless you come to a formal event.
Since startup business has grown so fast, almost all companies have evolved their work environment into casual. From their working hours to working dress code.

According to the dress code, some of business people changed their look. They love to wear business casual outfit more, as they always have outside appointment or meeting at coffee shop or restaurant. Business casual outfit does not mean you can wear your pajamas at office, but it’s about trick, how you can wear your casual outfit for business.

One of casual outfit that the most people have is T-Shirt. And yes… You can wear your T- Shirt in your business hours but still look professional as well. HOW??? Just pair it with another ones. Okay, go grab your notes and pay attention to these tips.

Pair it with Blazer

If you have a graphic tee, pair it with your plain blazer (whatever the colors, just plain). You can also wear your pencil pants for bottom. Trust me, it gives you look so professional and fancy.

Pair it with Floral Midi Skirt

For your beautiful one who loves to look so feminine. Grab your floral midi skirt and pair it with your plain tee. It gives you look so fresh and adorable. Not really feminine? Wear your sneaker on.

Pair it with Lace Skirt

Twist the tee sleeves and wear your heels to boost your gorgeous lace skirt. Oh my… I love this style! You can choose the black color, it’s classy color and you will look so classy like Coco Chanel.

Pair it with Pencil Skirt

You can juggle your tee for your business outfit. Choose plain color for your both tee and pencil skirt. You may choose different colors. Knot bottom tip of your tee to a bun and wrap it inside your tee. Wear your necklace on to give fancier look.

Play fun with your favorite tees and choose your favorite colors are the way to boost your confidence. Wear a tee with cotton fibber and don’t wear too tight tee, you will not move so comfortable with this after all.


Have a good day!

Ruth Octora