There are many ways to lose weight and we often do it on a diet, but not less of us failed on it. We do it so tightly but usually, we skip the workout. You might skip a breakfast or even lunch for diet, but you end up with

Why don’t try another way if you can’t stand with diet?


Cut Back on Sugars and Salts

7-Easy-Ways-To-Reduce-Sugar-In-Your-Tea-And-Coffee.jpgIf you love adding sugar to your tea, start adding a half of teaspoon of sugar in your cup tea. And just drink it at least once a day, take a baby step. Start from once a day then once 3 days until you forgot your sugars. No more cookies and chips in your weekdays. You can call your weekend as a cheating day which means you can eat all your favorite snacks for one day only but don’t too much. 1 pack of chips or a cup of ice cream is enough for a week.

Eat Often in a Small Portion

You can eat often as you want if you can control the calorie in your meal. Eat once in 3 hours if you still have eating habit and use your hand to control the calorie portion.

For Protein: One palm-sized portion
For Vegetables: One fist-sized portion
For Carbohydrates: One cupped-hand sized portion For fats: One thumb-sized portiongroup-of-healthy-food-the-shoot-includes-protein-carbohydrates-good-FWG6XY.jpgNote: This portion of women, you may add a double portion of men.

Don’t Skip The Workout!

Is there no Gym Station nearby? MindBeauty recommend you some places that you can go for. Take a short time. Again, you might take a baby step for your workout.

unnamed (1).jpg Hong Kong Yoga Studio(CWB): Slim Yoga Trial / 60 mins (HKD 187 HKD 150)

unnamed.png Amico Studio: Floor Yoga Trial / 60 mins, one price for TWO lessons in 8 days (HKD 225 HKD 180)

unnamed.jpg Anhao: Personal Training / 60 mins (HKD 625 HKD 500)

unnamed (1).pngAbsolute Fitness: 
One on One Personal Training Trail Session / 60 mins (HKD 475 HKD 380)

Hate doing exercise alone? You can also ask your friend to join with you as Same price!!! Private Group Training for 2 people / 60 mins (HKD 475 HKD 380)

Just make it as your new lifestyle habits and don’t be so hard on yourself.

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