As a professional, we are required to be the on-time person in any situation and be organized in our activities. We are often snowed under the work so we should get home too late and in the next morning, but we still need to get in the office on time. If it’s been our habit in working life, we will tend to lose our intention to work.

Gosh… It’s worst! Before it happens in your life, or it has been happening, let’s reset your habit. Why don’t start turning over a new leaf by becoming a morning person so you can be fresher in each morning no matter how busy you are. But, How to? Very simple and here are my tiny tips that might help you to train yourself to become a monring person in finger tips.


Meet the Deadline


If you have your hands full with your job duties, start organizing this all in your planner book. You can use a planner book to write down your “must-to-do list” every day. Acknowledge how long it takes you to meet the deadline so you shouldn’t get burned out. If you can’t always catch up with the planner book, then use it online. There are some planner apps that you can use to manage your schedule or your project so that you can maintain it yourself on your smartphone.


Prepare it all in advance


What the outfit you want to wear on tomorrow, the stuff you need to bring with you to go, set them up all in your bedroom. Take time to think and prepare these stuff a few minutes before you go bed. No need rush time any longer when you wake up in the morning. You even have more time to play mix and match with your outfit for the upcoming days.


Saved by The Bell



Set up your alarm at the time you need to get up in the morning. You can use the Alarm Clock or the Alarm on your phone. Choose the beat tone, don’t choose the nosy one, it could ruin your brain system at the first time you wake up, nor the instrumental tone that keeps you sleeping in your bed.

It’s very simple to be organized, right? Train yourself and see the result in a week, more often you do this habit, happier you are as a human being.