Webp.net-resizeimageSuper gurus in stone massages, Hokkai Stone Spa is one of the best places to get a stone massage in Hong Kong. Located smack bang in the middle of Tsim Sha Tsui, this specialty salon offers an array of body treatments and the massage of the season, stone massages. Here, stone massages are referred to as “Ganban’yoku”, the Japanese phrase for a hot stone treatment where you lie on top of hot stones rather than under them.

Ganban’yoku originated in the Edo period in Japan and it has a long history. Because it has a wide range of benefits for humans, it can burn calories, detoxification, beauty, fatigue, and immunity, so it can be popular in Japan. Japanese women are more regarded as Daily beauty and health care, regularly on Ganban’yoku. Our professional beauticians and body care professionals have more than 30 years of experience, providing professional and innovative attitudes to provide customers with the most suitable beauty and body care services. We aim to provide women with a relaxing and peaceful experience in a busy life. And body care in a comfortable environment.

MindBeauty recommend: Ganban’yoku (40 minutes) + Lymphatic Detox Body Massage (45 minutes) = HKD $506

A massage and a hot stone treatment? What could be better! Lie down and relax for the massage of your life with a lymphatic detoxification massage which helps to remove all the nasties from your body, and also a Ganban’yoku spa treatment to put the warmth back into your winter.


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Featured Treatments

  • Ganban’yoku
  • Ganban’yoku + Lymphatic Detox Body Massage
  • Japanese-style Manipulative Massage + Ganban’yoku
  • Black Stone Detox Firming V-face Treatment


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