With the temperature’s heating up, it’s all about achieving that all-over sunkissed glow for summer – and that includes your hair. For the 2019 summer season, hair trends are all about finding bright, airy tones that make you look lit from within.

Pale babylights

For eye-popping style, you’ll want to start requesting pale blonde babylights around your face. We’re not saying go platinum – that’s a bit too extreme and Marilyn Monroe for 2019. But white sand hues or creamy blondes are the way to go.

Rose gold

If it’s been seen on the likes of trendsetters like Kylie Jenner, Taylor Swift and Maisie Williams, you know this trend is one to try. It’s all about soft, gold-toned pinks hair that’s just short of pastel. Works best on blondes or those with already lightened hair.

Monotone darks

Perfect for those who prefer a more low-maintenance approach to hair, this summer hair trend is all about glossy monotone looks in ashy or blue-black shades – think more Kim Kardashian than 90s grunge.

Deep roots

Another top choice for those who don’t have time to go to the salon to maintain their look, the shadow root trend is all about using a dark semi-permanent dye on your roots. Perfect for camouflaging greys, and lazily growing out your hair.

Caramel swirls

One for those dark-haired ladies. Caramel highlights are ideal for adding a bright, sunkissed look and giving your hair some depth and definition.

Nude balayage

One of the top trends for 2019 is a firm summer favorite with a modern twist. Balayage is nothing new for the summer season but this year, fashionistas are option for a nude look that adds new dimensions to their manes while pairing perfectly with your skin, giving you an ethereal glow. For best effect, take find a nude lipstick that works best on you, and give that to your colorist to find the perfect dye shade. 


Byline: Gina