For a little while a model friend of mine from Miami has always talk about this Ketogenic diet and kept on saying how well its works for them. So this time I am going to investigate what is this really about and share with y’all! If you have been following fitness KOL online especially from the United States, this wont be the first time you heard about the term Keto, it has been suffering on many fitness guru and model’s instagram, but this trend has gotten even bigger recently, and lets find out why!

Keto diet shares many similarities with Atkin and low- carb diets, It involves drastically reducing carbohydrate intake and replacing it with fat. This reduction in carbs puts your body into a metabolic state called ketosis. When the body starts turning fats into ketones, your body also becomes extremely efficient at burning fat for energy, these are molecules that can also supply energy for the brain!

Stocking up your shelf

This diet really isn’t about fasting, instead it is all about eating the right food, and to be quite freakily, as much as you please! So here are some of the food which are keys to this diet: salmon, avocado, nuts, meat, egg and cheese. I meant this is pretty much a whole charcuterie board if you ask me!

You don’t need to calculate your calories intake while losing weight

Since you are having a high fat diet, you will feel full all the time. You don’t really need to calculate your calories in take or tracking your food consumption while loosing all the weight!

Goodbye Carbs

Eliminate all carbohydrate if you can, if not keep it under 30 grams per days, as the crucial part of this diet is to train your body to be efficient in turning fats into energy, putting your body into a metabolic state of ketosis!

There are many strong studies shown that the Ketogenic diet being low-carb and high-fat offers many health benefits, helping you to lose weight and improving your health. If you are bored of The Zone Diet and Raw Food diet, you might want o give this a go, this one works especially well on abdominal fats aka belly fats! Like always we shall never change ourselves for others, do it with self love! If you already happy and love your body, amen! I am making a decision after pigging out so much since the beach season has gone, this is my attempt to optimise my weight and health in order to train my personal strength! Remember girls, there is nothing more beautiful than a women who is in charge of her own body and life!