They say it is the most wonderful time of the year, a time when wearing glitter is social acceptable. Beauty desk here is offering you a quick run through the key make up and hair trend for 2018. Perfecting your look for new years eve.

Glitter Lips
If you Want to wear something shiny, why not wear it on your lips? Apply your favourite shade of red and gently top it with fine glitter to create a dramatic pout!

Reverse Cat Eye
Cat eyes are too basic? Reverse the lines for an eye opening experience!

Olive Green Lids
Love green and don’t know how to wear it? Why don’t you give it a shoot on those lids, turn yourself into Santa’s favourite elf!

04-White Liar
White Liar
A white eyeliner on top of your normal flicks accentuates your eye with of winter tone. Shantay you stay!

Bronze Bells
Shine your eyes with shimmery bronze eyeshadow in cream form to maximise the effect!

Cherry Boom
One of major shades in 2018 for lips is this dangerously coloured, vampiresque dark purple. Make it matte!

Paint It Like An Artist
Smudge your eyelids with some prominent colour to give your eyes an edgy look. In the spirit of Christmas, why not red?

Side Swept Wet Look
Style this wet look for a careless out of shower vibe!

Centre Parting
Polish and clean, all back centre parting is easy to achieve and goes with anything.

Updo Braids Like Frida
Updo braids with a ribbon, channelling your inner Frida Kahlo.


Retro Volumeretro A massive blow out to get that retro luscious volume.  Look how Brigitte did back in the 60s!