The back is the place where our body has the strongest sebum secretion except for the face. If the stratum corneum of the spine falls off out of time and cause the pores on the back to clog, it will cause a lot of acne on the back and it is difficult to eliminate, which is very likely to cause acne scars. Also those acne scars on the back influence the appearance, especially in the summer, many girls like to wear a no-back dress, but they have a lot of acne scars on their backs so that they can’t wear sexy no-back dresses. Don’t worry MindBeauty Girls, I will explain how to get rid of back acne and scars as well.

A lot of acne scars on the back is actually caused by the patient’s lack of healthy acne. MindBeauty Girls who love beauty in summer, are always busy with sunscreen, grease, exfoliation, etc… But often they only pay attention to the surface of the skin, just to solve some surface problems without really paying attention to the real needs of the skin. It’s not that we do something subjectively, the skin will get better, but we need to solve the problem as needed. Summer is the longest season, our skin is easy to sweat and oil, but it does not mean that the skin is not short of water. If the hydration work is not done well, other cares are superfluous and counterproductive!

It is not unreasonable for a woman to speak with water. Any skincare work needs to be done first before it is done. Only when there is sufficient water, the cells can be full, so that the pores are reduced, and the oil will be improved qualitatively, so that the occurrence of acne can be better prevented, so there is no need to worry about acne scars. In addition, hydration is a good basis for other work, and it will also accelerate the acne scars. Many people say how to replenish water on the spine is actually the same as the face. Except for the basic tissue of the skin, the need to replenish water is the same. Do not squeeze when the back is too acne, otherwise there will be more acne scars. In fact, you can use some products specifically for acne.

How to get rid of back acne? MindBeauty recommend a few small methods to you. Firstly, you can use the natural aloe essence to wipe the back of the acne marks, or you can use ginger in the place where the acne marks, about 20 minutes to dry and then use the skincare products, acne scars will be a lot dim. Persevere in use every day, it will have an effect slowly, and there is another way to go to a professional beauty center to combine treatment, which is the most effective!

MindBeauty has selected 5 Hong Kong-based beauty salons that are professional in acne removal, then all MindBeauty Girls don’t to worry about wearing a no-back dress in the future.

MindBeauty picks:iCell Skin Rejuvenation Centre – E-LIGHT Whitening Scar Removal Back Treatment – HKD$1960 > $980

MindBeauty picks:Iyara Day Spa – Back Deep Cleansing – HKD$850 > $595

MindBeauty picks:Perfect Dimension Beauty – Renewal Back Treatment – HKD$580 > $497

MindBeauty picks:Wasser Beauty – Professional Peel Back Treatment – HKD$1280

MindBeauty picks:Relax Beauty & Spa – Organic Body Scrub Treatment – HKD$580 > $464

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