Summer is coming!! Have you planned a holiday for this summer? Or do you have thigh schedules in this summer? Whatever you plan for, you need something different to boost your mood. Hmm…is it about outfit? Makeup? Or new lover? Nah…let’s start from the head. Change your hairstyle, in the other words, cut your hair off babe!

Do you remember when was the last time you cut your hair? Wanna give a shot to your hairstyle this time? For you sassy hustlers, here are four short haircut ideas that we have wrapped and you don’t need to fix your hair for every second.


Short Bob hair


Whatever your face shape, it’s the ideal haircut that you need to try. No need bangs and you just need a round brush + hair dryer to give volume for your hair before you step out of your home. Let it go messy naturally when the wind touches your hair.


Bang – Bang bob hair


Give a different touch for your hair with bangs cut above your eyebrow lines. If you worry it will give you weird look, just cut it off through the same length with your eyebrow lines. Bangs can give your look younger. If you have thin hair, you can try see-through bangs like Korean Artist do. How messy your hair is, you still look cute with this bangs.


Super Bob hair

10-latest-pixie-haircut-designs-for-women-short-hairstyles-2018-in-current-super-cute-pixie-hairstyles (1).jpg

Not really girly person? Try this haircut. If your childhood in late 90’s – 2000’s, you might remember Natalie Imbruglia, the singer of Torn song. At that era, this haircut had already existed and why don’t give a try and be a trendsetter in your networking. Your girlfriends might copy your hairstyle tho!


Beach Wave Hair



Lucky for you who have curly hair. You can cut your hair off with medium length and that’s it. You got beach wave look. But don’t worry, for you who have straight hair. You can use straight or curly iron to get this look then use your fingers to rake through your hair to loosen up waves and it looks natural now.


MindBeauty recommend you four of the best salons in Hong Kong that you can change your new hairstyle!

unnamed Salon L: Cut, Shampoo & Finish by Top Stylist (HKD 450 HKD 382)

unnamed (1) Modi Hair Salon: Wash, Cut & Blow Dry (HKD 128)

unnamed (2) Rosa Lounge Hair Salon: Hair Cut & Styling (HKD 128)

unnamed (3) Salon Icon: Cut & Styling by Senior Stylist: (HKD 325 HKD 260) / Cut & Styling by Director (HKD 487 HKD 390)


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The Conclusion

Whatever haircut you prefer, all you need to do primarily that is take care of your hair. Use shampoo as your hair needs and don’t ever skip using the conditioner after wash your hair. Use hair serum is the better option to get healthy hair. Too early change your shampoo products can damage your hair too.