Webp.net-resizeimage (1)Chill Steam is a young and vibrant body steaming place in Central, which allows you to relax, detox, stay healthy and forget your worries! They also offer complementary services and packages such as foot massage, full body steaming, feet steaming and yoni steaming. head & shoulders massage or manicure. The natural herbal therapy aims to stimulate blood flow and circulation, loosen tight muscles to reduce soreness, and help flush out toxins from the skin to reduce the appearance of acne.

Chill Steam has compatible high-quality products that increase the steaming benefits: ultra-collagen facial products and deep tissue magnetic massage rollers. Tea and homemade soup can be served to make the client feel extra relaxed and cared for, leaving the burdens outside the cozy atmosphere of our space.

Body Steaming and Foot Steaming

Walk into a tranquil space and immediately feel at ease. On arrival, select your preferred steam including full-body, feet and yoni steaming, and enjoy some flower tea while you wait. If you select a full-body steam, the Chill Steam team will provide you with some disposable underwear for you to change into.

For the full-body steam, you will be helped into the steaming box by the team at Chill Steam. Sit in a brown wooden container-like box, and prepare to have herbs like ginger root oil and turmeric seep into your skin. It’s definitely warm, and your skin will feel instantly softer. The overall process takes at least half an hour, but don’t worry, as there are arm holes for you to play with your phone and water available while your body undergoes a good detox.

With a foot steam, change into the robe which will be provided by the steaming therapy studio. Sit in your massage chair and place your feet in the steaming box which will warm your legs and give it some steaming action. The feet steaming will also take around thirty minutes, and after the steam, you will be able to find out issues and deficiencies in your own body depending on the residue colour left in the steam like inflammation or high blood pressure.


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Featured Treatments

  • Yoni Steaming
  • Body Steaming
  • Feet Steaming
  • Head & Shoulder Massage
  • Foot Massage 

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