Lan Kwai Massage is ultra conveniently located right in the center of Lan Kwai Fong, inviting you in when you just need to get away from everyday stresses and pamper yourself with a super cheap and relaxing massage at the end of the day. The shop’s no-frills appearance might feel a bit plain, but there’s more than meets the eye- it says nothing about the high expertise and years of experience of the masseuses here. From foreigners to locals to students and those looking for a good deal, a diverse customer base has walked through their doors and having serviced such a crowd means they know the ins and outs of a good massage, and make sure you leave feeling completely de-stressed and unwound.

Lan Kwai Massage offers a simple menu of massages, for the foot and for body, but each one is sure to take away the soreness and stiffness that accumulates over time. The masseuses here are very attentive to your needs as well as being very friendly and patient, and will make sure you get the result that you came in looking for. Despite the appearance of a short list of treatments, the masseuses understand that each customer is different, with different stresses on the body and different lifestyles. The staff will cater to your specific needs and fine-tune the massage according to what you want so that you get the result that your body deserves. This keeps the prices affordable yet the results very effective, making Lan Kwai Massage an unexpected gem to find.

Because of it’s prime location in Hong Kong’s party-central, the staff at Lan Kwai Massage know exactly how to do a perfect manicure fast so that you can walk out looking glamorous with a fresh set of nails ready to show off at your next event. If you’re rushing to meet friends for a night out or just in the mood for a new set of nails, this is the best salon to find yourself in when looking for a manicure in Lan Kwai Fong – with endless experience servicing the LKF party-crowd who need their nails done fast yet to perfection, Lan Kwai Massage wastes none of your time while creating the best manicure on the fly. Don’t be discouraged by their simple and hidden shopfront – this is definitely one of the best manicures in Hong Kong. It’s always that unexpected, hidden and local salon that surprises you with some of the best service because they’re under the radar, and Lan Kwai Massage is one of those salons totally worth walking into because you really get your money’s worth.

Even though the massages here are already very affordable, we can offer you a discount on top of it – booking with MindBeauty then you will get unlimited offers every time when you walk in!



Featured Treatments

  • Foot Massage
  • Body Massage
  • Aroma Massage


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