Hey MindBeauty girls, it’s been a while, hope you are all tanned like me, it’s Nutrisa o’clock! This time I will reveal some hidden spots around Hong Kong for some extra romantic fun! Big thanks to my colleague Barbra with her amazing write up on “Awesome spot in Hong Kong to step away from it all”, I am inspired to share with you the spot I like! (no not that one you naughty ones)

Cliff by The Big Wave beach

The good old big wave beach never disappoint with its soft sand and ever-blue water. While this beach is so popular and always packed with people on a sunny day, most people don’t know that there is actually a hidden spot with even more dramatic vista.

The story goes, once we were at the Big Wave Beach near Shek O after a long hike from the dragons back, we picked up a pizza and some beer wanting to chill at the beach only realising that it was extremely packed with sunbella and kids. So my date and I decided to walk up the cliff on the side where the barbecue areas are. After 8 minutes we reached a plateau of the mountain. Words can not describe how beautiful this place is and the best thing is that there were literally no one but us! We could really relax and enjoy this little world for ourselves. When I say enjoy I am sure you know I mean…

Lioness style

If doggystyle is to basic for you, why don’t you do it like a lioness? After a little hike to the peak of lions rock, you can have some lovely wine and snacks with your loved one while taking in the impeccable skyline of Kowloon and Hong along island. What more is there to imagine? I suggest you start your adventure around 4, and once you finished the hike you can look for a corner with a view and privacy (there is more than you think!). Remember to bring a torch so not another lion find you…

Don’t get caught!