In the prosperous capitals of Asia, – “money could buy anything” – until a mysterious coronavirus hit, striking fear in both rich and poor societies.

Now, surgical masks are nearly impossible to find on shelves in Hong Kong, prompting a panic reminiscent of “wartime scarcity”, with long queues and reports of hoarding, price gouging and fake products.

Well… on the other side of the world, there’s a different scene to showcase how people have turned the limited mask to share creative solutions. Some governments have organised mask lotteries. Others are rationing masks. Political leaders tour mask factories, seeking to reassure citizens that manufacturing is being ramped up… couples are having fantasy wedding fashion by wearing a “wedding mask”… all your can name!

Here you go, take a breathe and relax from the news, come join the trendy mask fashion. Put on your mask, open the MindBeauty app, check out our best selection on hygienic spas/salons who are ordering clean and quality services in town.

Chinese designer Masha Ma has joined models, musicians and social media influencers in launching versions of the face mask. She embedded her SS15 collection with Swarovski crystals and presented them at Paris Fashion Week.

Manufacturer Meo and New Zealand fashion designer Karen Walker collaborated on these reusable face masks with air filters. The interchangeable covers can be matched to the wearer’s outfit.

Katie and Curtis Ferland’s wedding photo in Sonoma county.
Photograph: Karno Roa /

Mask for couple

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