After a festive season with Valentines Day and Chinese New Year, March can feel a bit slow. But this first month of spring is also the best time to ease your city mind by experiencing nature.

Put on your safari jacket on and head into the stunningly beautiful nature reserve of Mai Po –  a land of unknown birds and forgotten senses!


Located in the Yuen Long District of the New Territories, Mai Po is a haven for thousands of migratory birds during autumn and winter. This wetland is also bustling with the vibrant lifes of rare insects and plump gei wai shrimps.

Leave your phone in the backpack and let yourself be absorbed by the sheer beauty of mother nature nature. The unique biodiversity of the reserve has more than 2000 species of birds and you will witness ancient scenes of wildlife with a faraway skyline of Shenzen as the backdrop. March is the best time for bird-watching since birds come to forage in the vicinity of Mai Po and the Inner Deep Bay wetlands. Watch them feed on fish, shrimps and crabs among the mangroves or see them fly over the sky in a spectacular scenery to celebrate spring!

Since the Mai Po Nature Reserve is listed in the Wild Animals Protection Ordinance of Hong Kong, the area is restricted. You access Mai Po by joining a tour, organised by WWF.



Direction From Yuen Long:

1. Mini Bus

Take towards Mai Po Village, from Shui Che Kwun Street, Yuen Long. After ten minutes you alight at Tam Kon Chau Road near Mai Po Village and walk 20 minutes along Tam Kon Chau Road to reach the Mai Po Visitor Centre.


2. Bus

Take KMB Bus no. 76K from Sun Yuen Long Centre, near Yuen Long MTR Station

Alight at the bus station “Mai Po” and walk 20 minutes along Tam Kon Chau Road to reach the Mai Po Visitor Centre.



Bring mosquito repellent, sun lotion and of course your best camera!