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瀏覽及預約 Doctor Li Laboratories Beauty Lounge 澳大利亞皮膚護理專家

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Service Range 服務包括:

Facial, Body Treatment, Massage


Address 地址:

10/F, Coasia Building, 498 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay


Working Hours 服務時間:

Mon – Sat: 11am – 10pm

Sun: OFF

Dr. Mielon Lee, one of the Australia’s Skin Care expert, specializes in the application of natural herbs in skin care, uses natural recipes to manufacture products. In 1995 Dr. Mielon Lee to set up our company Doctor LI, at the same time our company also launched the skin care products to the Asian market. Our team is full of experts around the world, including dermatology, biology, botany, advanced chemistry.

澳大利亞皮膚護理專家之一Mielon Lee博士專門從事天然草藥在護膚方面的應用,使用天然配方來製造產品。1995年李博士博士成立了我們的公司李醫生,同時我們公司也向亞洲市場推出了護膚品。我們的品牌目標是幫助改善皮膚水平,所有產品均由天然成分生產。 2017年我們的第一家美容院位於香港銅鑼灣購物區,距離地鐵站C出口步行不到1分鐘。

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