Every woman deserves everlasting beauty the pursuit of beauty shall never stop.

Doctor LI Laboratories uses all natural ingredients extracts in Products development. In the past 20 years, “Doctor LI’ Brand establishes a high visibility, to witness millions of beautiful metamorphosis. Gather the best skin research experts to breakthrough innovation in the world. Our Brand focus on research, and development integrating science, and technology crystallization, advocating natural close skin products.

“Doctor LI” help Asia women find out their own “Beauty”, let the oriental female shine from inside-out infinitely with beauty and confidence.

Brand’s History

Dr. Mielon Lee, one of the Australia’s Skin Care expert, specializes in the application of natural herbs in skin care, uses natural recipes to manufacture products. In 1995 Dr. Mielon Lee to set up our company Doctor LI, at the same time our company also launched the skin care products to the Asian market. To create the best products to customers, Doctor LI has a team of experts around the world, including Dermatology, Biology, Botany, Advanced Chemistry Doctors. Our brand goal is to help improving skin to a higher level. All the products produce by natural ingredients, for example Switzerland Shanhua Jing composite whitening essence (France ECO organic certification) and Hyaluronic acid (Natural technology) are included in our skin care products.

Doctor LI had won numerous recognition awards, and testimonials for their developed products from all around the world. In the past few years, Doctor LI has also won Top Ten Famous Brand with their product ‘Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Water’. Their pursuit in consistent products’ research, and development had achieved recognition from their dearest value customers. Doctor LI shall continue to strive, achieving the best breakthrough in Science and Technology Integration developing the best in class beauty’s products to dearest you.

In order for us to deliver our best in class beauty’s products, as well as medical beauty consultation, and services to you consistently, and conveniently. May we proudly present Doctor LI Laboratories Beauty Lounge to you. Doctor LI located at the most busiest, and convenient city hub of Causeway Bay, and just right next to Causeway Bay MTR Exit C. Make your first treatment at Doctor LI today via MindBeauty Booking App with great saving!




Featured Treatments

  • Rose Facial Treatment 
  • RF Skin Treatment 
  • Toner Laser Treatment
  • Japanese Hot Stone Spa


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