Gardening might not be your thing, but in recent year many studies has shown that herbs not only tinkle our taste buds but also nature our bodies and minds from within! It doesn’t take a lot of preparation and it is definitely my new favourite low maintenance hobby. And no, you don’t need it a garden for it!

Starting is simple, all you need is a few pots, some soil and of course the plants! Many stores around Ladies Market in Mongkok sell already-sprouted starter plants for about $30. You can also let them grow from seeds if you are blessed with more patience than me.

Here are my three favourite herbs that will improve your life quality! (yes this is my religion now)

diy-peppermintSuffering from headache? Use peppermint in your tea, the great minty summertime refreshment is a herbal remedy! It will also clear sinus congestion which will help you to stay alert all day. When it’s that time of the month, help yourself with a peppermint cuppa to relieve menstrual cramps, thank the digestive aid from the natural oils!
Peppermint is one of the easiest herbs to grow and it makes a healthy addition to beverages and desserts!
Tips Peppermint can also become invasive if not maintained.

diy-rosemaryThe poignant aroma of rosemary is a joy that clears our minds and relieve our everyday stress, but it’s also a natural deterrent for garden pests like mosquitoes. It is perfect for Hong Kong’s summer climate! Rosemary is also a powerful remedy for calming indigestion and neutralising bad breath. Its oil or herb-infused water can promote hair growth, and relieve skin irritation. And of course fresh rosemary on fish, lamb, chicken, and wild game will leave your dinner guests begging for more!
Tips Keep roots moist in summer and insulated in winter.

diy-tarragonSuffering from vitamin deficiency? Look no further! Tarragon is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants! Vitamin C and A, magnesium, iron, zinc, and calcium are all packed in those green little plants! Make a great herbal tea that can calm anxiety and kill germs that cause bad breath! Did you know that tarragon can be an effective numbing agent for mouth pain?
For culinary use, tarragon makes a great seasoning for chicken, seafood, vegetables, egg and salad dishes.
Tips Occasional trim to promote new growth.