I believe that every MindBeauty Girls will choose the right skincare for themselves. However, most of them use a deep cleansing mask for skincare. How can we maximize the effectiveness of a deep cleansing mask? How does the deep cleansing mask work?

First step: Exfoliation and Dead Skin Removal

Before preparing a deep cleansing mask, you should be prepared for the premise. The first step is simply remove dead skin and exfoliate from the skin. This step is critical, it is related to whether the skin can absorb the nutrients and moisture in the mask. First take a basin of warm water, sprinkle a little salt in the water. After the salt is dissolved, then wash your face, and finally rinse the skin with water. Make sure the dead skin is cleaned up.

Second step: Use Hot Water to Steam Face 

After removing these dead skin, carefully cleanse the pores of the skin, also remove all dirt and grease from the pores, and ensure that the skin is completely clean and clear before applying the deep cleansing mask. You can prepare a basin of hot water, then move the face to the top of the hot water and steam for about five minutes. Once again, the skin is steamed with hot water, and the dirt in the pores can be steamed out, paving the way for the nutrition and moisture in the skin absorption mask.

Step 3: Apply a Deep Cleansing Mask

Prepare a deep cleansing mask and apply it on a cleaned face. During the masking process, have a facial massage for 15 minutes. Afterward remove the mask and wash the face with warm water. Do always moisturize and wash your face.

Tips for using a Deep Cleaning Mask

  1. Deep cleansing mask cannot be used for 2 times a week. Dry skin is recommended to use for once a week (If the nose is always oily, you can use a partial deep cleansing mask especially for nose as 3 times a week)

  2. The weather is always dry in Winter, if you feel that the deep cleansing mask is too dry, you can use the deep cleansing mask with some moisturizing cream or moisturizing lotion, so that the skin will not be too dry.

  3. You can put some music with a cup of tea as well, in order to feel fully relaxed.

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