Frequently staying up late and some bad habits, cosmetics and skin care products are not used properly, the face will naturally appear dark circles, we called it “Panda Eyes” in Chinese.

How to remove dark circles effectively?

Tip one : Eye mask

If you found that your dark circles are very serious, you can have some quick first aid methods, that is, you can use iced tea bags or cucumber slices for 10 minutes to 15 minutes in dark spots. Because tea contains some substances that lighten pigments, and cucumber has a very good effect of eliminating edema, you can use these two methods for quick first aid when you need first aid.

Tip two : Do not stay up late

People nowadays are always stay up until late, especially teenagers. Long nights and nights can cause irreversible damage to the skin. Frequently staying up late, the skin can not get enough rest, the blood vessels continue to contract, the blood flow is increased for a long time, the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood vessels is reduced, the blood circulation of the subcutaneous tissue is not smooth, and the eyes will be darkened.

Tip three : Stay away from cigarettes

Even child knows that smoking is harmful to their physical and mental health. In addition, smoking is also very harmful to women’s skin, and it will lead to accelerated aging of our blood vessels, because the skin around the eyes is the most delicate and sensitive, so smoking often It will lead to the formation of dark circles, and it will lead to the loss of vitamin C in our body when smoking. This means that we need to take more vitamin C to make up for the consequences of smoking, so don’t smoke, try not to Inhaled secondhand smoke.

Tip four : Choose a richer eye cream

There are a lot of eye cream brands in the market for consumers to choose. You should choose the eye cream that you are suitable for. If you are a woman with dark circles, you should choose vitamin K and vitamin A. These two ingredients can improve the condition of dark circles, and it is best to choose some ingredients that are naturally non-irritating, as the eye area is the most sensitive place, it is best to choose honey, avocado or shea of eye cream products.

Tip five : Find a professional beauty salon nearby

Still in trouble with dark circles? Let’s find a professional beauty salon nearby you! MindBeauty selected 4 Hong Kong high quality and professional beauty centers, which are waiting for you to feel effective of skincare and say Bye Bye to dark circles!

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MindBeauty picks : Levo Spa – Eye Treatment (30min) – HKD$500 > $375

MindBeauty picks : Waxnmore – Eye Treatment (30min) – HKD$437 > $350

MindBeauty picks : EE Spa – Relax Eye Treatment (50min) – HKD$390

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