Over 115 million animals are being used for animal testing worldwide at this moment. We are living in the dog year of 2018 and this dark industry practice is still ongoing! But we are able to make a change by opting into the cruelty-free make up.

Back in the day when the issue was first arisen to the public eyes, many cruelty free brands popped up, and I am not gonna lie those products weren’t the best.

But girly girls, the time has changed and the technology has advanced. The quality of the cruelty-free make up is just as good as those we use every day, if not better. Why else would professional make-up artists go first in line? Here are a few reasons to try beauty without cruelty!



It just so Unnecessary to test on animals

When make up companies develop their products, they have more than 10 thousand ingredients that are proven to be safe for humans to choose from, which means testing these ingredients on the animal is unnecessary! Cruel companies choose to test even more ingredients on animals create cheaper products that will maximise their profit.


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We aren’t only talking nasty lab mice, this is also about dogs and cats!

That is simply not ok! Us girls who have pets just can’t bear the truth and disgust of this dark side of the cosmetic industry. Based on statistics from 2013, 67,772 dogs and 24,221 cats were used in animal testing in the United States that year.



You will save money

Most cruelty-free make up brands are also organic which means they don’t contain preservative substances. Buy only things you actually need and gonna use at a certain time instead of covering your face with substances you cannot pronounce. Take a minimal approach when it comes to make up shopping! I know this isn’t easy, but just think about how many random mascaras or eyeshadows that are being bought but never opened.


One of the product to start

America finest’s Hourglass produces these Hidden Corrective concealers, this is the smoothest concealer I have come across, it literally erases any blemish or dark circle (or your puffy eyes after spending a night crying while googling animal testing) like photoshop. Simply apply with a concealer brush and dab dab dab it is gone!

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